Important announcement

Dear customers,
our boutique will be temporarily closed but our online shop keeps working and delivering goods worldwide.
We encourage you to browse our listings and support us at this tough time.
All our knitters works at home, which corresponds to the self isolation advice at this time. Every order will be fulfilled with lots of love and care.
Many items such as mittens, yarn, socks, hats and scarves are in stock so they are ready to ship.
Also linen dresses are in stock.
Knitted jackets, capes, coats and other items with color and size options are available to order.
On our social platforms we will keep posting our products and share new arrivals so when it all returns back to normal you know where to go after traditional mittens and socks, modern spring coats, beautiful summer dress and of course- natural wool yarn! 

To contact us, please write an e-mail to

Sincerely from all of us at Tines team- we wish you health, calm mind and strength to overcome this crisis! Stay safe and be well.
With lots of love-
Tines team

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