What can You expect this summer from Tines?

While You are enjoying the blossoming spring and first open- air picnics, our knitters are working on new models for confident and fresh summer look. Our new linen collection will be combined with new arrivals from wool, because as we all know – sometimes even in summer we need warm cardigans and capes.
Our summer top sellers are knitted linen caps, fingerless gloves and beautiful scarves. We also offer limited edition collection of crocheted scarves, summer gloves and cardigans. These garments look specially elegant and rich. As well one of the summer bestsellers are our knitted capes and ponchos, which are so modern these days. Besides all this, we offer wide range of linen tops, summer sweaters and different kind of cardigans. We are sure that each lady can find the right knitwear for herself at our boutique.
What we would like to underline, that we are always looking for new ideas and original ways how to dress people. It makes our knitwear developing and more unique, therefore many knitted items are one of a kind. We also want to share our love for colors, so this summer collection is going to be very bright and colorful. Just imagine sunshine yellow knitted cardigans, turquoise blue knitted scarves, astonishing white knitted dresses, natural linen color caps … All this and much more is yet to come!

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