Latvian Ethnography and applied arts presents to the world our uniqueness and express our taste, joy, creative ingenuity, craftsmanship and our understanding of the world. It is what we are proud of and what makes us strong, connected to each other, but different from the rest of the world.

To maintain this beautiful Latvian heritage, to save unique Latvian ethnographic patterns and knitting traditions, we were looking for a way to give our investment in this. So we formed applied arts studio “Tines”, where we educate our knitters and provide workshops with different lecturers and different topics. We started in 2004 and studio members still are very keen on learning something new and trying themselves in new styles and techniques. Meetings traditionally are on third Wednesday of each month and so far the topics have reached even Peru applied arts, when one of the lecturers shared her experience and new knowledge about Peru culture.

But the main accent remains on Latvian ethnographic mittens, which are uniquely rich in its diversity of pattern, colour combination and application. Gloves are one of the most beautiful Latvian identity expressions that continue to persist today. Archaeological excavations indicate that Latvian tradition of glove knitting and wearing started around 10th century. They are the oldest examples of the glove across Northern and Eastern Europe. Therefore it is so important to keep this tradition alive and to save the patterns. We believe that Latvian ethnography is a part of Latvian identity. We strongly believe that investing in employees will always pay off, because only talented, well-educated and happy team will provide the highest quality in a long term. And that is what we’re looking for.