Knits that go with everything

Do You take shopping very serious, when it comes to knitwear? Do You want to buy high quality cardigans and other knitwear, that will match with everything and will be useful in many different occasions?
If Your answer is ’yes’, we can help You. Our knitwear corresponds high quality standards and the best part of it is that You can dress our garments with different style of clothes. Whether You are a business lady and looking for some classical cuts, or enjoying the style of 80’s or prefer casual look, our knitwear will fit to all of you. You will ask how is that possible and the answer is hidden in versatility of our knitwear and pure lines. In two decades of our passionate knitting experience we have created knitwear that can be worn in different styles. One and the same cardigan can have several looks. It depends on Your current mood and accessories You wear it with. This makes our knitwear very easy to combine with Your other clothes and one purchase on Tines can save You from several item buying elsewhere.
We believe that in 21st century knitwear should be practical and versatile to fit well with the ambitious and energized people. In our-days busy life it is needed to have knits that can adjust to Your lifestyle and we believe that we have created knitwear like this.

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