It’s happening!

Tines is participating in Applied Arts Fair at Ethnographic Open Air Museum, which takes place this weekend. Since 1971, the Museum annually hosts its arts and crafts fair, which has become an event of national significance –the symbol of crafts-work of Riga and Latvia and a festival for its participants and visitors.
We are pleased to say that first day of this long awaited fair was very vivid, sunny and positive. Looking forward to see you all today!

You will be there, won’t you?

Tines will participate FORMEX – the Nordic region’s leading and largest meeting place for interior decoration, home textiles and gifts. Last Formex on August 2015 was very successful for Tines, so we are pleased to announce we are coming back to Formex.
Formex trend theme – “Nordic me” is a very inspiring and thoughtful idea. It is time to get personal and return to who we are. To take care of ourselves and the world around us. To seek, feel and express ourselves. Tines has a story to tell and new collection to show. We will be looking forward to see you. You will be there, won’t you?

Formex will be held in Sweden, Stockholm 24 – 27 Augut 2016. Look for Tines at B12:40.
More about Formex:

Warm knits for beautiful gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to think about the presents. For many Christmas shopping gives headache and seems to be mission impossible. We offer You to change Your shopping experience and shop easy and fast online on Shop lovingly hand- knitted mittens, socks, caps and other knitwear for Your beloved ones and save time and energy. We offer wide selection of ethnographic mittens in different sizes for men and women. Ethnographic mittens are one of the most common and sweetest gift on Christmas, because they represent love and warm feelings and symbolize good wishes.
Shop gorgeous reindeer jackets for kids. Knitted from soft wool, they will be pleasant to wear and warm. If You want to have fun family portraits, order reindeer sweaters for the whole family. We have men and women reindeer sweaters in sizes from XS to XL.
Also do not forget to check our craft section, where You will find cute, high quality wooden crafts for presents and Christmas decorations.
Tines wish You fun and easy Christmas shopping!
For any questions or assistance during Your online shopping on, please do not hesitate to contact

Come and see Tines at Formex!

Tines will join Formex- the largest meeting place for Nordic interior design. This unique event is a huge exhibition and fair, where visitors will find designed gifts and interior accessories from Scandinavia, textiles, tableware, folk arts and crafts, toys, general gifts, stationery. This exhibition not only allows to find unique products all at one place but also gives great opportunity for exhibitors to present their ideas and products. Each of Formex event shows the upcoming trends and innovations in design field. For exhibitors it means non- stop developing and working on new creative ideas, which attracts visitors.
Tines will represent Latvia in this exhibition and it is important to show to the visitors artwork of Latvian great- skilled knitters, color combinations and the huge variety of Latvian ethnographic patterns. During more than 20 years Tines has developed and maintained a very high quality and unique designs. Designs and knitting skills on which foreigners says “how it’s possible?”
Tines will go to this 4 day fair with Latvian national treasure – hand knitted ethnographic mittens, socks and bigger knitwear such as sweaters, cardigans, capes etc. Tines will present both collections from wool and linen and there will be new designs and models especially for this exhibition.

Formex will be held in Sweden, Stockholm 19 – 22 Augut 2015. Look for Tines at B13:03.
More about Formex:

Knits that go with everything

Do You take shopping very serious, when it comes to knitwear? Do You want to buy high quality cardigans and other knitwear, that will match with everything and will be useful in many different occasions?
If Your answer is ’yes’, we can help You. Our knitwear corresponds high quality standards and the best part of it is that You can dress our garments with different style of clothes. Whether You are a business lady and looking for some classical cuts, or enjoying the style of 80’s or prefer casual look, our knitwear will fit to all of you. You will ask how is that possible and the answer is hidden in versatility of our knitwear and pure lines. In two decades of our passionate knitting experience we have created knitwear that can be worn in different styles. One and the same cardigan can have several looks. It depends on Your current mood and accessories You wear it with. This makes our knitwear very easy to combine with Your other clothes and one purchase on Tines can save You from several item buying elsewhere.
We believe that in 21st century knitwear should be practical and versatile to fit well with the ambitious and energized people. In our-days busy life it is needed to have knits that can adjust to Your lifestyle and we believe that we have created knitwear like this.

What can You expect this summer from Tines?

While You are enjoying the blossoming spring and first open- air picnics, our knitters are working on new models for confident and fresh summer look. Our new linen collection will be combined with new arrivals from wool, because as we all know – sometimes even in summer we need warm cardigans and capes.
Our summer top sellers are knitted linen caps, fingerless gloves and beautiful scarves. We also offer limited edition collection of crocheted scarves, summer gloves and cardigans. These garments look specially elegant and rich. As well one of the summer bestsellers are our knitted capes and ponchos, which are so modern these days. Besides all this, we offer wide range of linen tops, summer sweaters and different kind of cardigans. We are sure that each lady can find the right knitwear for herself at our boutique.
What we would like to underline, that we are always looking for new ideas and original ways how to dress people. It makes our knitwear developing and more unique, therefore many knitted items are one of a kind. We also want to share our love for colors, so this summer collection is going to be very bright and colorful. Just imagine sunshine yellow knitted cardigans, turquoise blue knitted scarves, astonishing white knitted dresses, natural linen color caps … All this and much more is yet to come!